Keno is a very reminiscent slot online malaysia game of both Bingo and Lotto, and you will notice this now when we talk about how it works to play Keno.

In Svenska Spel’s Keno, you must choose 1 – 11 numbers out of 20 balls. The numbers are randomly generated by 70 balls each time, and you choose how many numbers you want to bet on.

The more numbers you choose to bet on, the greater your chances of winning, so you can bet on up to 11 numbers! Your goal?

To score as many of these 11 numbers as possible. Difficult to understand? Hardly! Fun and exciting to play? Definitely!

You choose which numbers you want to include, or you let chance decide this as well. Some people want to choose their numbers themselves while others instead prefer to let chance decide, but more on that later!

Free Keno

No matter what type of game you play, it is good to try it for free first. You can try all possible games for free at the Swedish online casinos today, so regardless of whether it is lotteries, slots, Keno, Bingo, or something else that you want to try, you can find free games.

These games are called demo games or demo versions (like the one at the top of this article), and you have time to form an idea of ​​both how it works and if you like the game in this way. The best thing about this is that you do not pay a single penny for it!

It is also in this way that Keno is available in different versions online, so it is always good to test around a bit to find the variant that you like best, even if you already know how it works!

Keno variants

Keno is available in different variants, so you can decide for yourself which variant suits you best. The best thing is to test the variants that can be tested for free first, although not all variants are available as demo versions.

Take the opportunity to test the variants that are available as free games, and it will be easier to choose!

Here are a few popular variations of Keno:

  • Power Keno – a variant of Keno where there is a bonus feature that gives the player a chance to quadruple their winnings. This happens if the last ball that is drawn matches a number you have bet on yourself.
  • Super Keno – works in the same way as Power Keno with the difference that it is instead the first drawn ball that acts as a kickstarter of the bonus win.
  • Bonus Keno – a variant with a progressive jackpot that you win if the numbers are drawn from a J. Here, you bet on up to 10 numbers, and during the game, wilds can appear, and you win a bonus round when at least 5 wilds appear.

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