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Why does your company say so much about frame-less shower doors?

We listen to our customers and most say that a glass and mirror company has tried to sell them a framed shower door.

What is the difference between  framed shower doors and  frameless shower doors?
framed shower door are constructed of thinner glass  which  utilizes metal to strengthen the enclosure.

 frameless shower enclosure are  made up of thicker glass 3/8" to 1/2" tempered  safety glass which is stronger. Which do not rely on metal frame for support. (all shower door glass has to be safety glass).

 Are frameless shower doors hard to clean?

 No. They are easier of all shower doors to clean. By eliminating  shower door framing, you are left with just glass, which is much easier to clean. Frame is ugly if you ask us.

How long will my frameless shower door last?
It will last as long as your house is standing. Well, your bathroom anyways

What types of shower door hardware accessories do you offer?
We offer many high quality shower door accessories to enhance your frameless shower enclosure. Please see our Hardware page.

Do you do shower doors for the handicapped?

Yes, we have done a lot of shower enclosures for the handicapped. Shower enclosures that are total frameless are perfect for the handicapped because there is no frame on the bottom and we can make the opening as large as the tile will allow. Talk to your tile contractor to build your shower stall with out a dam. Click here for the definition of shower stall dam

What are the advantages of a frameless shower door?
Frameless shower doors last three to four times longer than a framed shower door, and eliminates  all the metal framing. Our frameless doors open ether in or out. Unlike framed shower doors that only swing out.  Frameless shower doors  eliminates corrosion that builds up on  framed shower door.

What are T&W Shower Doors  advantages over your competition?
We, at T&W Shower Doors go above and beyond to ensure that you get only the finest shower door products available, brought to you with outstanding  customer service. We guarantee 100%  all of our shower doors and hardware. If you have any questions or comments about any of our shower doors or warranty information  please contact us at
or email us at twshowerdoors@gmail.com

What kind of maintenance will I have on  frameless shower doors?
The best maintenance is preventive maintenance. You can do this by using a  surface protector which fills the pores of the glass making it smooth and preventing hard water build up, mineral deposits, and soapy water stains. Using a squeegee daily will also help to keep your shower enclosure clean. Using a good car wax can help and the cost is minimal
 . See our Shower door glass cleaning tips page

Will T&W Shower Doors try to sell me a framed shower enclosure?

No we only install frameless shower enclosures

Why do some Shower door companies try to sell us a framed  shower door?

Framed shower doors are easier to measure. Some companies use less experienced technicians to measure and install there shower doors.

Can your company take out our existing shower door and Install a total frame-less shower door without replacing tile?

Yes,  We take out your existing shower door and then clean the silicone and old grout off.  We re-grout where the old frame was and also buff the tile to clean it. When we measure for the frameless shower,  we measure to place the glass over the existing holes so that you will not see them.